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posted by Ashley Esposito on Jan 22

Vsauce TSHIRTS: All Other Links: fish head LOLLIPOP: butt cheeck bubble gum: camelon lamp: iphone or itouch into a laser pointer: Pacman cookie cutter: Pacman Abbey Road shirt: “metaphors” shirt: “helvetica” shirt: Duck hunt shirt: busted teees bookend: knob creek metal arts bookends: animal butt magnets: glasses you can’t set down: chocolate temple: making hard things soft: BOOMBOX pillows: anime eyes glasses: hands over your eyes glasses: USA shades: rite in the rain water-proof paper: iPad Charger: SPROUT bookmarks: INVISIBLE shelves: mirror plate: celestial serving bowls: landscape dinner set: salt and pepper shakers: magnetic “safe” timer: 10-key numpad watch: chocolate-scented t-shirt: SMART mudflap girls: marshall amp mini fridge: zombie bottle-opener: night light: USB-powered melty chocolate lamp:

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